My Princess – an playful intro to a Suit Perpetrator

The My Princess costumers and my whimsical sense of taste have been engaging in a rocky relationship, leavened by a dedication to a mutual cause–somehow appropriate, considering the subject.

I have no such reservations about the other parts of the show, so it all rounds up?

Park Hae Young is a diplomat, but also chaebol (monied child of business moguls). His outfits have more color beside the older generations and other officials, and often go over into sweater-under-sport coat territory of business-casual.

This ensemble insists on the dubious brown afflicting the show. The tasteful tan redeems it here, and in this light it’s even subtle, over that lavender or baby-blue shirt. This light also makes the hues-of-mahogany dye job that all the characters seem arrayed with a lot more like a real Asian haircolor, tho’ not for long.

(I would be much happier if someone burned that mustard atrocity he has, and its close cousin that Professor Nam occasionally sports, but then…it’s a color I’ve never understood. I was even told I looked good in it once.)

[Still. Hello~ my new vest love of the month!]

Also, this is just a masterful piece of filming. My swoonings at my LiveJournal over K-Dramas, etc. are full of the reasons they are superior to the other Asian dramas, but this is another gorgeously lit example.

Good morning, Majesty. Meet YOUR DOOM.


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