If I Only Had the Shoulders…

I have perfectly good shoulders, actually–I could be charitably referred to as having the “hourglass” shape, which means I’m broader across the shoulders than most girls of my stature.

But there are times when suit envy makes me feel more about the male shoulder-line than just an impulse to play dead-drunk for a piggyback ride.

courtesy DramaBeans

Yes. I have suit-envy.

Lapels just lay differently on people with straight lines. Not to imply Mr. Song’s body isn’t built up quite attractively, as we’ve had obvious evidence to the contrary, but all my pretending will never make this blue ensemble ever vaguely resemble the understated impression it gives here if on me:

The dark black between the brighter tie and the blue pinstripe is a color idea that I can borrow, though… fantastic.

So yes. A lot of this is about envious thoughts, and mercenary desire. I mean, don’t you want to just run your fingers over this brushed flannel-appearing pinstripe jacket?

You just don’t know how good you have it, pouty.


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