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Lie To Me – Wasting Interesting Characters Left and Right

and that is not YOU, Yoon Joo.

(PS, is it my imagination or is that the classic Other Girl Name? Or at least those parts?)

I am behind on not just posting here, but watching the shows currently on. In lieu of apology, here’s a one-shot:

I love all the metal in this girl’s ears, the slightly fierce fashion she has despite looking very tailored and professional at all times. Definitely a good right-hand-man for Ki Joon.

I think she’s kind of wasted on this show, really. I mean, sure, having a nice platonic friend to slap him upside the head is cool, having another woman in the show who is capable and not in the love knots of DOOM is sort of literary. She gives off this kind of unrequited vibe, though (maybe that’s just the actress, with Kang Ji Hwan. Who wouldn’t?) and I think she’s a much more interesting person than Yoon Joo has any hope of being.

I mean…she’s an artist of some kind. How cliche’d is that?

At least in My Name is Kim Sam Soon, the Other Chick is a laser-sharp medical student. Of course, the classes of show are completely different here, but think about it.

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Don’t Settle – more Lie To Me set choices

So I mentioned these doors right? Which, btw, you haven’t seen the half of.

The plant’s green to offset the different tones of gray even makes sense: he has a maid to water it, unlike most bachelors who would need plastic grass in their desktop Zen gardens. (Love how he holds Ah-Jung to her promise to clean up after the party DESPITE this fact. It works to show us the developing crush.)

Also, you can’t have a boring scene coming through those doors. And it says everything that needs to be said about this guy’s social status and level of taste.

Similarly, how much more hilarious is an ankle-kicking scene where the victim has to sit down in front of a wall of flowering bushes? Three times more hilarious. Let’s call them azaleas, because the caption “Taking Refuge on a Curb Among the Azaleas” is even more funny.

Of course “location” may, indeed, be someone else’s prerogative, which is the territory we’re straying into here, as is some of the more situational set-up to follow, but they mesh together to create the ambiance of the show. And whoever the storyteller is involved in putting these things together, they’re doing their job.

Pardon the screen-cap sloppiness on some of these–my focus on the sets means sometimes there are heads rolling.

Okay–this is a prime example. (Of both points X]). Raquetball as the angst-emotive sport of choice? AWESOME. First of all, it’s much more fun alone than basketball (Sang-hee’s angst-sport). It’s also the kind of upper-class elitist sport that’s just what he’d pick out. From a filming point of view, it makes a very interesting space, and that satisfying thwack resounds of anger.

Previously, he showed his snob-taste by drinking something probably quite tasty because it has color like brandy, scotch, wine, RUM (okay, probably not that) with a…plate of fruit. Somehow that looks both super aristocratic and actually fantastic.

Again, we have splashes of cobalt, the fruit’s color enhanced by the flower arrangement of white and red in the foreground. Contrast: we have some.

Food related ingenuity actually has struck me several times. Sure, we see people eating ramen all the time, but what about this cozy and enviable set-up?

I completely use books I’m not reading right now for bed-desks. Mostly coffee, but sometimes snacks, too. This and the actual work scenes are pretty much the only ones that establish Ah-Jung as kind of awesome beside the appeal of Eun-Hye-ssi herself. This shot to me says “AH-HAH, we are kindred spirits.”

Now we’re about halfway into the show I’ve accumulated a lot more looks I like to post about but for now let’s finish off with a Vulnerable Ji-Hwan Pin-Up:

See, even more color in this house by daylight! And see that kitchen set up? 1, that bar is awesome; 2, those doors are also worth noting; 3, he’s so boooored without you, Ah-Jung! The ex has practically no chance because she didn’t help him invent Cola-Kissing.

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The Art of the Boutonnière – Lie to Me

I was a bit dubious of these pins on Ki Joon, I’ll readily admit. Little felt bow ties and flowers, as decoration on his lapel? Are we sure he’s not running a Queer Eye boutique, rather than a business-class hotel?

But with the advent of these slightly less Play-Skool variants (again, nice plaid [you’ll bear hearing more on that later. Plaid, that is]) I finally understood.

They’re a kind of unperishing boutonniere. This feathery-texture still seems to be wandering into “who but a wardrobe designer–?!” territory…

But that’s all right. It’s kind of pretty. I also like that he is reusing them, not always in a new one.

And it does add a touch of contrast where this character is otherwise not flashy.

I mean, talk about an entrance, right?

We won’t go into raptures over the double-rows of buttons, or the subliminal texture of the color on that coat…or maybe, we don’t even need to.

(Got bored during the caught-cheating walk with Yoon Joo, screencapped the suit, tho. I like the way they broaden him.)

Okay, but that flower’s just a little too smug.

“Oh yeah, I’m a flower Kang Ji-Hwan’s wearing. You know it.”

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