The Art of the Boutonnière – Lie to Me

I was a bit dubious of these pins on Ki Joon, I’ll readily admit. Little felt bow ties and flowers, as decoration on his lapel? Are we sure he’s not running a Queer Eye boutique, rather than a business-class hotel?

But with the advent of these slightly less Play-Skool variants (again, nice plaid [you’ll bear hearing more on that later. Plaid, that is]) I finally understood.

They’re a kind of unperishing boutonniere. This feathery-texture still seems to be wandering into “who but a wardrobe designer–?!” territory…

But that’s all right. It’s kind of pretty. I also like that he is reusing them, not always in a new one.

And it does add a touch of contrast where this character is otherwise not flashy.

I mean, talk about an entrance, right?

We won’t go into raptures over the double-rows of buttons, or the subliminal texture of the color on that coat…or maybe, we don’t even need to.

(Got bored during the caught-cheating walk with Yoon Joo, screencapped the suit, tho. I like the way they broaden him.)

Okay, but that flower’s just a little too smug.

“Oh yeah, I’m a flower Kang Ji-Hwan’s wearing. You know it.”


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