Daddy-Drama: the wrists of a killer

I admired the Arch-City Hunter for his good looks and steely manner from the moment we go to see him in his guerrilla-chick gun vest and cargo pants in the second half of the first episode. When he made the switch to Steve Lee style, in his palatial new house. as he got ready to send his son off to Yale, it seemed so drastic a switch I was wondering what was going on.

Yet, he never lost that kind of debonair edge of the man ready to jump for a gun. It was kind of intriguing…


handsome devil.

It wasn’t until the first real scene of danger to him that I realized there was something about him (a little obvious in the screencap above because I was wanting to capture it, once I noticed) that kept that past visually present.

Right there, with his (no doubt very nice) watch, are those surfer-style bracelets. What are their functions? Who knows. He hands the bullet over to Yoon-Sung, maybe they’re some sort of memento. He’s definitely the nostalgic type. (In an ironically twisted way? Heh.)

Or maybe, there for in case he has no gun anymore and needs to hang someone. With Jin Pyo, who knows? He sleeps sitting up, hand on a firearm.


There’s something inscrutably hot about this guy. And I’m going to make this clear: every time he does something cruel I was disappointed in him. It’s mostly the actor, you know? I think it’s *awesome* they got a hot actor, who can pull off layering leather bracelets, to play the Bad Dad.

The Prez also had hot arms, but we’ll have to get to that some other day…

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  1. #1 by muchadoboutlove on August 4, 2011 - 1:24 pm

    LOL I love every posts here! Glad to find someone that is so confident to write about the fashion in kdramas. I’ll never be able to properly do that.

    Looking forward for the post on lovely Mr Prez! I find it frustrating because he doesn’t even get a proper ending. Poor Mr Prez..

    • #2 by gossamersong on August 4, 2011 - 3:22 pm

      Hey, thanks!

      It’s fun. I adore the DramaBeans blog, and there seem to be a lot of good sites analyzing the dramas, so I just blog for a couple of friends on my LiveJournal on my thoughts of the actual storytelling and stuff.

      This is a way to channel my screen-capping of the odd outfits that catch my interest. 😉

      You’re my first commenter, so congrats! Haha.

      (Today I’m talking about Big Bang’s TOP, and his best look. Again, an excuse to post pictures of him…)

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