For the Love of Cracktastic Outfits

It all started with Personal Taste.

I was a little leery of Lee Min Ho just because of his super-stardom from Boys Before Flowers. The feeling of that show was so vicious, I could hardly enjoy how pretty it was. And it was one of the first dramas I watched, so I was still a little disdainful, despite the gorgeous Korean boys…

However, as he played another character who was *difficult* and super-well dressed, but of a completely different personality, I was able to accept him, and the drama’s merit (by now I’d seen a ton of other shows). And started to get distracted by the excellence of his slightly trendy but distinctly business-like outfits.

Which sometimes make him look like the only one who believes in starch in a world full of easy-care cotton. The slightly clerical collar on some of his shirts help, and if not meant for some sort of characterization, still serve the function.

This blog is more just a collection of my screencaps than any sort of intelligent blog–for that I have a LiveJournal. But I’m hoping to draw a few other fans (or at least serve up some good things for people to use on their own blogs) as I try to remember to cap the best of the K-Drama fashion in the shows I like to watch…

  1. CITY HUNTER — or, Lee Min Ho means tailored coats « A Suit Distraction

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