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From the Start, a Diversion

I was born in ’86, so needless to say, I wasn’t one of the few who went to see Labyrinth. The ’80s lasted long enough into the ’90s where I grew up in a small town that I have a small amount of nostalgia for some of the facets, but I’m still working to catch up on the SF/F classics from that time.

So, the other day I watched Labyrinth. Despite generally being a trip back to a very different sort of SF movie-era, I was mostly unmoved. That is, until I started really looking at the excellent jackets…I’m a sucker for shoulder-pieces, for example.

tho' I still think Edward Elric is Hotter

Tho’ Edward Elric is still hotter. (Sorry, Bowie fans.)

Leather vests? Another weakness I may have inherited from my birth-year…

The most truly interesting visual element, though, was the heroine’s hair-ornament in the ball scene.

Makes me think a bit of the steampunk hairfalls, and fae ball dress, with a delicate organic look… As someone with naturally big hair I can attest that getting something to look that cool on a thatch that full is a feat to be admired…

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