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More Crushing on 2NE1’s music videos…

Japanese Contrast: they knew a good color-scheme when they saw it

From an earlier video — the next two from “It Hurts”  (I think)

I love the understated goth of this loli... each of them seem to take different strains, too:

this being a Mori-Girl variant, the last being more Elegant


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Unexpectedly Adorable: Lee Min Ho and Dara

I really like 2NE1’s music, more consistently than most K-Pop groups…which makes sense, since they’re largely produced and written for by one talent.

(The more I know about YG Entertainment, the more fond of it I am, despite being quite anxious about how K-Pop agencies are run in general)

This is true of EVEN their commercials music, starting with their debut “Lollipop” with Big Bang, “Don’t Stop the Music” for Fiore, and our topic of the day, “Kiss” for Cass beer.

cue one of the better styling choices of our time: Lee Min Ho in guyliner.

Not in love with his look as a rich playboy, but I don’t think I’m supposed to be. (Frankly, he looks a little Hwang Tae-Kyung, but in a sort of less edgy way? Anyhow. This is the Goo Jun-Pyo everyone can instantly place…we’ll hold out for a hint of humanity.)

Gold-Lame Jacket - from this we can be sure there is evil afoot

And it is all the more awesome to discover his alter-ego because of how delightfully fashion-show stuckup he looks.

they did a great job on the movie, but I wish there was less beer, it makes me feel dehydrated...

Clothes are more a focal point of character than the beer is–he’s still wearing a fashion-victim shirt and his jeans are probably 100x more expensive, but here they’re on the same general vibe, whereas their first encounter Dara was even more tomboy casual, as a DJ for one of his friends’ parties.

He shows up in his GreaserBouffant hair and red Lamborghini (maybe not, I wouldn’t know, but it’s that image anyway) to take her out and buy her clothes of his class and we’re sitting here wondering why she’s still sneering a little at him when she’s going the way even Jan Di would not tread…

when she throws away the clothes, and goes to his club as herself, not his arm candy.

The red is an obvious color of confidence, sexiness, and daring–the first time she’s been into primary color territory, really, with pastels and whites in the clothes she’s worn so far.

And she comes to take what is hers: she takes charge of their relationship, and makes it clear that the terms he’s set aren’t acceptable.

So he has to go meet her on her own ground:

Adorably, he’s in “commoner” clothes, the uniform at her job, which is the same monochromatic look of their concert encounter.

It’s a beer commercial, but the music was good, and it actually told a story in clothes…

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2NE1 – fashionplate bulletin

One of the things I am getting unreasonable glee from these days is the noveau-80s, especially as represented in South Korea, where they didn’t have them the first go round.

Everything from brightly colored space-travel imagery and prisms, to high-tops and trashy-style shirts–they want it all.

2NE1 are the perfect group to crystallize this movement, because unlike a lot of the girl-groups, their shtick seems to be weird and unattractive. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Though f(x) also has ventured into the grunge, trashy offshoots of 80s retro, they still have a pretty solid cuteness facto. Amber is the tomboy of their group, where 2NE1 has a single member playing the baby-cute role. They all seem to take one for the team as far as tomboy/punk-ugly/whathaveyou get ups go.

courtesy sookyeong of "K Bites"

They even manage to not look like they’re starving, though they’re all actually pretty standard-sized for a girl group. Two of the members have wide faces that seem more mature–and their music videos often seem to play that up.

Then, of course, you just have the fun stuff that I covet…

SPIKED HOODIE? Who wouldn’t.

This angle plays up more the sinuous mature side of this outfit, but there’s a tie and jacket involved. Basically, you could get G-Dragon to wear this outfit, barring the shoes. (Also, he might be monogamous with his own puppy…

{I also adore/train-wreck-‘ship G-Dragon’s fashion as a solo act. Post to come?}

Total resemblance.

One thing that their less pretty-pretty image does is allow you to question the assumption they’re the looks-based talent common to dance-singer groups. The singular voices of several members backs that up. I’d say their live performances could take something from sunbae-group Big Bang as far as pitch goes, but you still get the sense that the diva-voice did really come from the girl who is veering a bit from the backing-vocal’s range.

I totally screencapped the wrong stuff so here, have someone else’s screenshot of one of the Follow Me tangles of weird outfits.

Everything but that leopard-print leggings suit are things I would like to have. But the leopard print just needed to be there for this MV to make sense with the rest of it. Spike-mics and all.

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