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fashion bulletin: not a dandy, just well dressed

I’ve created a Tumblr on the Suit-Distraction theme! While it’s awesome for having an automatic feed of  my areas of interest, it also is kind of distracting me from the harder work of intelligently posting here…

Allow me to borrow a bit, and post about one of the fashion crushes I am not watching in anything right now, but still deserves a post.

photos courtesy ChinaNews on WordPress

Blue Lan or Lan Zheng Long

There are guys who can carry off the kind of non-traditional suits that aren’t altered for avant-garde look, a look that kind of makes itself, as long as the person is attractive.

In this case, the suit is made of a velvet material that could come off as either feminine or dated in some way (both looks valid) but Blue carries it off instead as a luxurious fashion choice.

This is a particular charisma, which can pull of white suits without looking bridal, and odd collars without looking clerical. Of course, he just has a face that makes you take him seriously, but I think it’s also a particular style. More edgy fashion looks don’t draw him out, though he can carry them off, but these kind of more subdued choices against the traditional only set him off.


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